Lightning Rules Releases New Single "Gnarpeggiator"

Portland, OR explosive rock trio Lightning Rules has premiered its new single "Gnarpeggiator" on PureGrainAudio. The band's latest single is the third from its upcoming "Fossil Fuels" EP – set to be released on March 9, 2018.

Lightning Rules frontman, Wess Willis, had this to say about the new single: ""Gnarpeggiator" was the last track we recorded and almost didn't make it on the EP. We had not played it live and the only version was a bad practice demo at a too-fast tempo, but our producer was really psyched on it and encouraged us to give it a shot. We slowed it down and had the bass and drums establish a sturdier groove rather than try and chase the guitar. That contrast ultimately became one of the fundamental elements of the entire EP: the big Dave Grohl caveman drums bolstering the guitar frenzy.

Lyrically, it's exploring the freedom of giving up. I generally take a goonies-never-say-die, ride it to the bitter end approach to any situation, but a few personal experiences caused me to rethink that; maybe going down with the ship isn't always all that noble and giving yourself permission to let go can be the better move.

Musically, the inspiration for "Gnarpeggiator" came about by chance. I accidentally double-timed a riff using a new pedal I'd purchased that day and really liked the sound. It was just so crazy and frenetic. When I started playing over it those first three riffs are what came out, so the core of the song took shape in about 10 minutes. This was actually a few years ago, so it technically predates any other Lightning Rules song. The bridge is supposed to evoke a sort of old-school video game, Sonic the Hedgehog feel. Live we use a looper and two amps to create the harmonized riff on one side then solo on the other. We also use the looper to recreate that opening new riff every time. I was really happy to be able to take a studio-friendly part and still translate it 100% at a show without using any kind of sample or having parts missing.

All told, it's a song that came together by a lot of random chances. But now it's our absolute favorite to play live."

Check it HERE.

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