Forthteller Releases New Video for "Of Nothing"

Florida technical metalcore outfit Forthteller have started 2018 by releasing their brand new music video for "Of Nothing off the "Nihilist" EP, is one of the last pieces of content in support for that EP before the band begins work on their follow-up while continuing their consistent tour schedule.

""Of Nothing" represents the struggle to find meaning. In an exceedingly nihilistic society, the search for meaning and purpose has created, for many, an existential crisis that can often drive us to madness. The main character in this video represents the internal struggle of a person trying to find meaning, while the cloaked figure represents an enlightened being attempting to guide a lost individual through the void. On the whole, this song fits with the rest of our "Nihilist" EP, which is our attempt to create a dialogue about the topic of human existence. Why do we exist? We do we persist?" - Thom Schultz (Drummer)

Check it HERE.

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