Cup Check Drops New EP "Continuity" And Releases "It's a Beautiful Day to Save Lives" Video

Chicago alternative rock band Cup Check shows determination and heart on their brand new EP "Continuity", out now. With the EP also came a brand new music video premiere for "It’s A Beautiful Day To Save Lives," a rather personal alternative pop song that successfully portrays a range of human emotions; depression, anger, fear, but most importantly, hope. The five track collection is not only a solid representation of Cup Check’s musical identity, but simultaneously an experimentation for the band, as they dabbled in out-of-the-box elements from their previous work.

About "Continuity", the band states: "We took our time bringing every element of the record together. Being able to step outside our comfort zones and experiment with new elements and ideas was crucial for what we wanted to achieve. We wanted to create something unique that takes influence from a variety of genres."

A strong force within the Midwest music community, Cup Check highlights their determination and musicianship with their new EP "Continuity." Bringing a dynamic range of vocals and melodies, supported by an arsenal of powerful musical phrases, Cup Check immerses the listener into each song in both live performance and digital tracks. Cup Check strives to make every music environment a welcoming and inclusive space. The band creates music to inspire and grow the creative community.

Check out the video for "It's A Beautiful Day To Save Lives" HERE and stream the EP via Spotify HERE.

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