Returning from the dungeon after a long delay of releases, two of North America's most enigmatic solo projects - Texas blackened sludge act CRAWL and controversial West Coast black metal titan LEVIATHAN - collide for a heinous new split cassette via Red River Family Records.

Featuring two 12-minute tracks of sheering self-deprecation and terror-inducing audial bludgeoning, the super limited cassette (333 units) is packaged in a matte red O-card sleeve designed by Cave Evil illustrator Manifester and was recorded by Imperial Mind Engineering (Side Ψ) and Daniel Voss (Side Ω).

Crawl is a dungeon tortured imprisonment which drags the listener blindly through the cavernous guilt of existence. The fear of want, and a self-loathing that suffocates, are actualized through a perverted form of bass, drums, and incendiary vocalizations. Where there is pain, there is Crawl’s sadistic take on blackened noise-layered sludge

Leviathan is in no need of introductions as the prolific project of controversial mastermind Jef “Wrest” Whitehead continues to be reign at the forefront of American black metal. His first unreleased material since 2015’s Scar Sighted (Profound Lore Records), his contribution to the split is pure sonic misery.

Pre-Orders Via Red River Family Records Sold Out; Additional Units Available In-Store Now Via Portland's DEVOUT RCRDS (Also Available From Crawl In March)

Listen to the split HERE.

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