Absent Announces New Album "Towards The Void" and Releases New Song "Funeral Sun"

Brazilian's ABSENT burst onto the scene with the power to reign in all fans of doom, psychedelic, stoner, sludge, funeral and all around heavy metal with their debut album "Towards The Void". "Towards The Void" illuminates a path through thick, sludgy bogs of despair, guiding towards pearly gates of musical luster. Crushing melody reflect upon the molten riffage to create a sense of bearing. Everything one would want in a doom release. World War Now Records is proud to be releasing their debut release "Towards The Void" on CD format, coming February 23rd 2018.

The track "Funeral Sun" can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvufV23Htqw.

PRE-ORDER: http://blackmarketmetallabel.bigcartel.com/product/absent-towards-the-void.


1. Ophidian Womb
2. Semen Prayer
3. Funeral Sun
4. Urine

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