Projected - Ignite My Insanity

Projected released their debut album themselves called "Human" back in 2012. After a five year stand still they have returned with their follow-up sophomore efforts titled "Ignite My Insanity". Which happens to be a double length album so two albums as opposed to one album, with 21-tracks in all. The band consists of Sevendust guitarist John Connolly, Alter Bridge/Creed drummer Scott Phillips, Sevendust bassist Vinnie Hornsby and Tremonti guitarist Eric “E-ROCK” Friedman.

So if you happen to hear references to those acts of their past or present then that is why. Projected does sound slightly like those acts these members are a part of or were a part of which is a nice touch. The heaviness and raw attitude of Sevendust's work can be heard clearly within the music portions, whereas the vocals fall upon the in-between tactics of Alter Bridge/Creed/Tremonti. So it is indeed a mixture of all when it comes to this sophomore release as well as the previous debut release.

As for "Ignite My Sanity", though it is a solid piece of work, while it may go a little longer than some releases, it being a double length release, consisting of the mentioned 21-tracks, it has a lot more to offer the listener. It is by any means a bad thing or a good thing, it is just a fine thing that makes the music well rounded, crafted, and solid overall really. Music and vocal chords together work well off one another, each playing through as each track progresses onward as the album plays on through.

Some of the tracks like "Six Feet Below", "Vain", "10 Years Gone", and "Only", are the tip of the album, whereas the second disc offers such tracks as, "Fire", "Ignite", "Call Me The Devil", "Inhuman", and "Hate You Back". Again this next set being quite impressive, it really brings the music full circle, again being rather well rounded pieces of work. Everything works in the favor of the other. The quality of the music and vocals sounding top notch, being very crisp and clear as possible. You can hear the tone of emotions thrown in by the vocals, as well as the instruments. Both playing off to sound heavy yet purely rock n' roll.

When it comes down to it, "Ignite My Insanity", is one heck of an album, double album at that. It is one that will push Projected onto the next level of their career with this project. It may take some time to see some new music, but that is the good thing about them. Good things come to those for wait for it. Which is the best option and bet for the likes of Projected.

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