The Gospel Youth's Sam Talks About the Strongness of Hope

Pop rockers The Gospel Youth, have got a debut album ready to go for the summer called "Always Lose". It will be released via Rise/Velocity Records, with this release came a single turned video for a track called "Moods Like English Weather" that has a crazy yet catchy style for the band. Frontman vocalist Sam Little discusses this debut, including it's concept, favorite track, and plans for the future.

1.What role do you play in the band?

Sam: My name's Sam and I sing in The Gospel Youth.

2. Why go with a name like The Gospel Youth?

Sam: There's a few reasons behind the name, it just fit with us quite well. We wanted to tell the stories that we've lived through and show people they're not alone. Our songs are our gospel and well, the youth part? That's just ironic because we're all dinosaurs.

3. What has influenced your sound and style?

Sam: Life, to be honest. A million different moments and choices that led us to be together about a band. We all come from different musical backgrounds and locations and we've all been through different things. Our sound is a culmination of all of that.

4. What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)

Sam: We try and keep things very honest. We're human and we don't shy away from that. If we're feeling sad, we'll write about it. If we find hope in something, it'll be a theme within the lyrics. We know how much music can do to give solidarity and hope, so we just try and tell our stories for ourselves.

5. Do you write your own songs? (Discuss the songwriting process in detail.)

Sam: Yeah, the way it tends to work is we'll have a rough idea musically and then we'll all work on it together and make it into what it is. Everyone's got their own vibe musically and it just works really easily when it comes to writing.

6. How do you describe your music to people?

Sam: This is always the worst question because everyone sees it differently, I could say it's emotional pop rock and you might disagree haha! We get thrown in the pop punk scene quite a lot but I think it's a lot more diverse than that.

7. What image do you think your music conveys?

Sam: One of hope and not being scared to be human. It's all very real. We're just 4 normal guys who write about our lives, we don't want it to be sexy or fake. We want people to listen and go 'oh, shit'.

8. You will soon be releasing your debut album "Always Lose". What comes to mind when hearing such a thing?

Sam: It's insane. We've all been working so hard all our lives to get to this point and to finally be able to have an album coming out, let alone how good it is, it's amazing.

9. Does "Always Lose" have a concept to go with it? How would you describe the album's artwork to tie into the music featured on this album?

Sam: It's got a very strong theme of hope throughout it. It's a record about life and every single track is almost like another chapter. There's a bittersweet love song, there's sad songs, there's songs about light on the other side. It's got a bit of everything and I think the idea of the artwork and title says how easy it is to feel when everything's against you. It's almost ironic when you think about everything being against you and I think that'll come across when people listen.

10. What is your favorite song on the record and why?

Sam: For me, it's Revolutions. It's got a really cool ending and it's definitely a curve ball on the album and there's some insane vocals on it.

11. What can fans expect from the new album?

Sam: It's not your usual TGY record, it's actually a lot happier than I think people are gonna expect haha. Honestly, I just cant wait for people to hear it and finally go 'okay, I get it all now'.

12. What was the writing and recording process like for this album?

Sam: Am I allowed to say stressful? We'd not even finished our singles series last year when we were talking about doing an album. We wanted to have it for a summer release so we had to get things done quickly and from start to finish, I think the record took about 3 months. That's mixed and mastered and everything. It was difficult but we're used to working to a tight schedule and honestly, I feel like these tracks are the best we've ever done musically, as individuals but also as a band.

13. Why do you think people should check out your new album once released?

Sam: I think if they don't, they'll regret it. For me, this album is everything. It's the album I wanted to hear when I first got into music, the album I've always wanted to write and I think that there's gonna be a lot of people that fall in love with it when they hear it.

14. How would you say you differ from other bands and artists on the scene?

Sam: We're not really trying to be different, that's not our thing. We're quite happy to be normal haha. I think maybe the thing that does separate us though, is the family vibe that surrounds us. The people that listen and support TGY are some of the nicest and most genuine souls we've ever met and everyone looks after each other. Obviously, the stuff we sing about is very real and it affects a lot of people, we bring people together and they look out for one another.

15. What do you want to achieve as a band?

Sam: We want people to hear what we do. We want people to hear the songs and take what they need from them. If it helps just one person, then it's worth it.

16. What does next year hold for you?

Sam: We head out on warped tour in a few weeks and when we come back we'll be looking to do some UK shows and then who knows. It's all very exciting.

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