Jonathan Cavier - When You Come Around

"When You Come Around", off the album "Blue Room", may just be another one of those tracks that takes another pop singer-songwriter up a creek without a paddle. Now not saying that this track and its accompanying album is downright awful or bad. Not by any means, the album with its track are both rather decent.

Its pop singer and songwriter Jonathan Cavier has just released "Blue Room", his sophomore efforts, consisting of a mere 10 tracks of content, one of which is what we are discussing here. "When You Come Around", ended up being a song turned single made into a video of sorts, that has gotten Jonathan quite pleased with himself. His ways with words for one is rather romantic. As this song goes into detail about how he seeks so much more than what is at hand with his beloved partner.
The lyrics expressing such emotion with lines as "I would do almost anything when you come around. I know you wanted to be free when you come around". These words being very meaningful and so heartfelt with emotion, it causes your own heart to pitter patter with ahs and ohs. You just get this utter feeling of joy, happiness, and pure love burning inside of you. After hearing such words, you could only dream if only the person you had connected with was this way with words. It exposes the reality of having your beloved partner, wanting to do anything for you, whatever it takes ya know?

Some may or may not like this type of behavior coming from a partner that they love and hold dear to them. While others may be accepting of it with no problems at all. It all varies depending on the person. In any case though, the song's lyrical content is very fulfilling, loving, and downright embraces the feelings.

Jonathan Cavier on the other hand taking the role of doubles as a vocalist and guitarist, does both in a striking fashion. The way his voice sounds on this track in particular is very soothing which makes it so much more effective. The song being very elemental, having a vivid sound of mellow tones with an arrangement so progressive it sounds more like rock than pop at times. It is as if Jonathan just has that way of moving the listener, his voice being one you may have heard before just cannot place.
That's how a lot of his material works really. He has this method of blending together such catching ear dropping music, that it attracts you with an instant blow to the stomach. So many uses of material flowing right through the music, with the vocals and instrumentals working hand in hand, that it makes the music more exciting. It's like he never looked away from his previous work, this being his chunk at solo work, it's not as bad as you would think it to be.

Jonathan Cavier's "When You Come Around", off his latest album "Blue Room", is a varied entertaining ride from start to finish. There is clearly maturity placed here that you will not find with someone else that may not get the grip of writing his own music, let alone playing it. He is able to mix it up making it worth wild for all.

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