Jackson Howard - Just For The Mystery

April known as the month of showers, as the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers, according to spring time expressions of the modern word. In the case of the month of April though, it has another meaning going for it, the meaning of music. For indie acoustic soul infused go getter Jackson Howard, April has been the month of releases, through the span of his musical career. His debut EP "A Place to Cross", released in April of 2014. Following this was his debut album "About Life", released not in April but in the New Year in January of 2015. After these were released back to back with each passing year, Jackson Howard would go on to make television and radio appearances, in addition to a chunk of live showcases for these two releases.

During this time he would go on to write and record material for the next release his sophomore efforts by the name of "Just For The Mystery". This title would end up becoming the lead single off this album, having "Just For The Mystery", perhaps be just a mystery? Well not really, because there is no mystery here, this is just an album with the title track in place as its single choice. The song itself does carry off to being just as his music claims to be over the years. An infusion of soulful indie alternative rock music.

Which is not a bad thing, not by any means whatsoever. It is rather a good thing, if not even a great thing. The music just sounds more joyful, exciting, and from others who have listened to Jackson Howard's works, say a lot of his songs are beautiful, sounds great, love it! Those same words can be said about this track, which brings out those nostalgic memories if you will. As it is a song about memories.

That being said though, Jackson Howard with his fellow band mates, has the craftsmanship to create music, that is rock solid, with easy listening beats, catching tones, with powerful lyrical context to fall into its proper place. As the song goes into detail about our memories, of knowing them then losing them, having a relatable co-text of effect occurring to have the listener really think about those lyrics more so than needed.

In regards to the album of the same name, that release alone has a lot of the same angst that this single does. There's lots of powerful and emotional lyrics to embrace the music, pulsing outward. It creates this force field of music, that keeps it all intact with itself. Allowing for the musicians that is Jackson Howard with his band, to be able to allow for the music to take on the listener, bringing in their ears, mind, and soul with such creative feel, it messes with the mind.

"Just For The Mystery", is a track from an album of the same name, that will be there like a piece of gum you cannot scrap off with the heel of your shoe. It will remain there sticking to you until you allow for your mind to open wide, taking in those memories that were once there before, but may not be there now.


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