Flaviyake - Bad In Bed

Pop music is a yay or nay for some music enthusiasts. For the likes of Flaviyake, who actually has a stage name as opposed to using her real name for her solo works; has decided to create her stage name by combining her real name which in Latin means Flavia meaning golden blonde, with her favorite fashion designer out of Japan, Issey Myake. Take the two, put them together what do you got well Flaviyake of course!

But enough of the name game. "Bad In Bed", is the latest and newest album from Flaviyake. This album consisting of 9-tracks, which kicks things off with a track called "So Hard To Say". Flaviyake had some words to say about this track and its album, " My album's concept is to voice a women’s freedom to express their feelings, as the society and psychologists put too many boundaries on women recommending us not to say or text certain things to men because it may scare them. I say why not? That’s why the album starts with the track “So Hard To Say"".

That said, why can't we women express ourselves, why do men get scared of what we have to say or anyone else for that matter. Does it not say that all here have freedom of speech or did that bite the dust long ago when it became official. In any case this album with this track in particular, kicking off this album, does have this concept going for it, and its meaning being very thorough and sincere. As far as the song's tuning content, well it is pop music you will likely expect it to sound a lot like the other pop artists on the pop circuit. As it turns out, you would be wrong because there is no placement for Flaviyake.

She has no comparison really, but is just that unique and creative. The rest of her album that is "Bad In Bed", has quite the mixture of material when it comes to the halfway point of the release. Like from the track "The World In Blur", onward including other tracks like "Living Without The Mirror", "Love As A Masterpiece", and "I'm Not Getting Older", these tracks alone are what make this album really stand out and pop! For instance "The World In Blur", has this introduction of underwater sound effects, as those fade out and the vocals and music come in, it allows for the song to really pick up, sounding with a pace of tone, that picks up here and there throughout the song. Whereas the vocals are intense yet effective, bringing the music out of its shell, allowing for its embrace to sound soothing yet tempered. The song then uses the same underwater sound effect for its intro used for its outro.

"Living Without The Mirror", somewhat uses a water sound effect slightly but it can only be heard just a tad. Nonetheless though, the effect withstands the music, as the vocals come in, with its music to back it up, having the vocals sounding strong and effect just as the previous track. But this time this song has more of an uplifting and upbeat tone going for it. It is catching to the ear, having you swaying back and forth with your body and head to the beats. The other tracks included in this mention "Love As A Masterpiece" and "I'm Not Getting Older", are a lot alike somewhat. "Love As A Masterpiece", starts off sounding classical believe it or not, then it breaks off from that aspect, sounding a lot like the other tracks that came before it. Having those high upbeat tones, with impressive vocal chords that make the song bounce and catch on to the ear. "I'm Not Getting Older", pretty much does the same thing except it embraces more of a club scene vibe. More of a faster pace with its tone of tunes, that you could really find yourself moving to the beats more so than the tracks beforehand.

When it comes down to "Bad In Bed",  with its array of tracks accompanying it, Flaviyake as an artist is creative and fun. Her work from this album and her other releases has been said to be beautiful, loved, happy, addictive as well as repetitive. That just goes to show you just how much craft one person can make from her heart, mind, and soul. Thus, it is what you get with "Bad In Bed" by Flaviyake.

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