Elle Casazza - You

That is so retro, it's like so retro chic, in other words totally cool! Elle Casazza is far from being labeled or considered retro. So why does she take the genre choice labeled retro pop, with retro right there in the name? Well it may be due to her music being so revolving that it evokes another era of time. Makes perfect sense because this is the track on play called "You" off the album "Proof".

The track does a good job of showing off her creativity, unique vocal chords with such soulful, jazzy, piano work that it brings the song full circle. Having such soothing energy it becomes rather enjoyable from start to finish. The energy being so pure yet overwhelming it is amazing as to how much energy actually is given off this track alone. It is as if you are jolted awake when listening to "You", due to said energy.

Elle has got a lot to work with when it comes to "You". Her tone of voice being able to develop so willingly that it grows in talent. Being able to keep her vocal tone on a more mellow level of sense, during the beginning of the track, while in the middle of it, she brings out this intensity that then drowns itself out at the end, being mellow dramatic with such ease and flair. It plays itself out to being nice and decent.

As far as the music goes, the collaborators in turn do quite the job at making this song work with Elle's vocals. The musicians in play doing their duty at being skillful with much put in check as to how far they can go with their performance. It is a song nonetheless sounding highly praised by all if not being most memorable by many.

"You", is a deep and entertaining sense of direction that will take Elle Casazza places with ease of little to no effort. If that does not seem to come forth, then perhaps her album that is "Proof", just is not the right amount of proof needed to show off what she can really do. Otherwise there is no other way around her as an artist. She has an endless amount of retro flare, that will ignite in one way or another.

Elle Caszza as an artist is one that will cherish the memories and experiences she has taken into account, hitting the lives of many, with her beautiful voice, impressive tone of music, with such creative mindset, that she can craft together so well, there is no telling as to where she may end up next. "You", depicts all of this and then some. Not much more else to be said other than "You", is here to stay with such will and grace that Elle herself, should be quite pleased with herself on how far she has come. It is really all thanks to "You" is the best way to put it. Or in this case of matters rather end it.


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