Terror’s Scott Vogel Talks Early Days and Upcoming Future

Hardcore metallers Terror frontman Scott Vogel caught up with me to discuss the band's upcoming DVD "No Regrets, No Shame: The Bridge Nine Days" that consists of their much earlier works when the band was on their original label Bridge Nine Records. Besides that all new music will be happening within the upcoming months along with touring left and right find out what else was said.

1. So why now, why has No Regrets, No Shame: The Bridge Nine Days come to see the light of day?

Scott: I think our original record label, Bridge Nine Records, just unearthed the footage. It was professionally shot by Ian McFarland from Blood for Blood, when he was first starting out making videos. He was out in California to shoot a music video for the song "Push It Away" and he just filmed these 2 shows for fun. He has since gone on to do a bunch of commercials, music videos, and music documentaries, so it’s cool to see some of his earlier stuff. It is also the 10th year that Terror has been a band, so it’s a way of showing where we were at in our first 6 months of being a band as compared to where we are now.

2. What do you think of the material on this release looking back at way back then, how does it make you feel?

Scott: We still play a few of these songs live so they are certainly still a huge part of the band. Lyrically, they encompass everything this band has ever stood for. When we started, we went full on. We had a demo and started touring immediately, playing all corners of the world. By December, we recorded and had released Lowest of the Low, which was our first release on Bridge Nine. It was an intense and fun time to be out there, playing new songs, to new and old faces.

3. How does it feel to have been around for 10 long years?

Scott: It's flown by. As a band, we have always just looked to what was next. I don't think there was a grand scheme or plan, it was always about just keeping moving, keep writing songs we believed in, keep playing anywhere and everywhere in the world, and have fun playing the shows. If you aren't having fun or no longer believe in the songs you are playing then there is no point to even be out there away from home for 9 months a year.

4. What's new in the recording of your music?

Scott: We will be recording a new album in a few months with Chad Gilbert from New Found Glory, once again helping us produce it. We were extremely happy with our last album, Keepers of the Faith, and hope to surpass the effort, anthems, and urgency that we captured on that release.

5. Do you plan on hitting the road and going on tour anytime soon?

Scott: YES! I don't think we have stopped since 2002. We have a European tour coming up in April. We will probably do a full US tour this summer, and we will do a UK tour this fall. I'm sure we will add some more stuff somewhere in between!

6. What band did you have the best time touring with?

Scott: We have always had a great time touring with Hatebreed. My second band, Despair, toured with them in 1996, and Terror has been touring with them and playing shows with them since 2003. They have always been one of my favorite bands since I first heard them. My longtime friend, Frank Novinec, who played guitar in Terror from 2003-2006, plays guitar for them now, so it's like a big family tree. They are one of the hardest working, most successful, and best hardcore bands ever, so we always look forward to touring with them or playing festivals with them.

7. What the best prank you’ve played on bandmates or other bands?

Scott: It wasn't really a prank, but our old guitarist Doug Weber always rode in the back of the van and kind of had his own world back there. He would get out the back door when we would stop at gas stations. We didn't pay attention one time, and we left him at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, and didn't realize it until about an hour later.

8. How did you get started in music?

Scott: My older brother was into punk bands. That was never really my thing, but I liked the intensity of some of them. We went to see DRI in 1987 and I was just hooked from there, and I started to go to every hardcore show I could possibly go to. Eventually, that led to me singing for a hardcore band in the early 90's.

9. You've toured all over the world but is there a place Terror has not set foot in but would like to?

Scott: We have yet to go to Africa and would love to. That is pretty much the final frontier as far as touring for Terror goes.

10. Was there a song or album that inspired you to want to perform music?

Scott: The first albums I was extremely into were the first two Black Sabbath records, and Whodini's "Escape". I have always loved all forms of music as long as it was honest, real, and raw.

11. So what ís next for you guys?

Scott: We will be recording a new album shortly, and touring all over the world to support it! We will see you on the road.

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