Dirge Within - There Will Be Blood

THERE WILL BE BLOOD and lots of it when it comes to the sophomore release from Dirge Within! This release has seen a long time coming and now that its arisen the ending results are well......

When it comes down to it this release goes beyond anything "Force Fed Lies" (2009) ever lived up to this time around Dirge Within has pulled all the strings and consisted themselves ever so further expanding their musical abilities as a whole making their style and source of sound ten times better.

Like take "For My Enemies", "Absolution", "A.L.F." and "As We Prey" these are what bring out that exenstive amount of aggression while a mellow side is also present in the song "Apathy". These guys have got the raw emotional material dead on with the instrumentals used here fast heavy guitar riffs with drum tactics that really keeps the music pumping, whereas the vocals are strong and focused angry screams with gut retching emotion is truly put to good use all over these songs and this release.

It is withoutadoubt a release that will carry on the heaviness that is Dirge Within.

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