Let’s Get Some Dirty Work Done with All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth

Being quite fortunate and still growing till this day, All Time Low has been around for nearly ten years having toured since their senior year of high school as of five years ago, frontman vocalist and rhythm guitarist Alex Gaskarth; talks about the band's recent release "Dirty Work" upcoming plans as far as touring and hitting spots such as China and Russia, also putting forth their ideas and focus once the big 1-0 hits in just two years time.

1. So you went from being nobody's to somebody's in just a short amount of time, what does this make All Time Low?

Alex: It's funny because a lot of people think this band came out of nowhere but in reality we've been a band for 8 years and have been touring since our senior year of high school over 5 years ago. I think we are a band that's been very fortunate and is still growing.

2. Why did All Time Low switch labels?

Alex: It wasn't any one thing that caused the change. Hopeless was an amazing home and place to start out for us. Interscope brought some other things to the table that we had not experienced before but Hopeless will always be family and are still involved on this CD.

3. Why did you want to go with the title "Dirty Work"?

Alex: I felt like it summed up what we'd been going thru on the road as a touring band the last couple years since Nothing Personal came out. That and I am a massive Norm Macdonald fan.

4. What are your hopes for Dirty Work?

Alex: Hopefully it's something that our existing fans love and will allow new fans to discover the band as well. It definitely shows growth from the previous records. We didn't do a 180 and totally switch our sound but I do think we tried some different things and pushed ourselves musically.

5. The intro for the music video for "Weightless” indicates how groupies tend to be according to the quotes. How many times have you been in this situation?

Alex: Ha, I think that's a very stereotypical view of groupies and the whole scene in general and I think the video turned out great. It's definitely not something we encounter on a daily basis.

6. Tell me about the video shoot for "I Feel Like Dancin", how you came up with the concept etc.

Alex: It was an idea that we had and the director Matt Stawski (who also directed Weightless) just took it and ran with it. The whole song is a parody on where some pop music is at this point so it seemed fitting that the video takes it one step further.

7. Do you ever get tired of being on the road?

Alex: It can definitely wear on you at times and it can be hard be away from your family and friends but it's also my favorite part of being in a band. We are all so lucky to be able to travel the world doing what we love with our best friends. I've had the opportunity to travel to places like Indonesia, Japan, and Australia that I probably wouldn't have gotten to see if I wasn't in a band.

8. Where hasn't All Time Low been when it comes to touring and traveling?

Alex: China and Russia are the first two places that come to mind so hopefully we will get there soon.

9. How does it make you feel that you have been a band for 8 years? Do you plan to do anything when the big 1-0 hits?

Alex: We haven’t really thought about it but we may have to do something for the 10 year anniversary. It's pretty surreal to think we've been a band for 8 years. It seems like a short time ago we were practicing in Rian's basement.

10. What has been your All Time Low?

Alex: Ha ha I plead the fifth on that one.

11. All Time Low will be doing what for the rest of 2011?

Alex: Touring, touring, touring.

12. Is that your final answer?

Alex: Maybe.

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