Aiden’s WiL Francis Could Give a Shit! Interview

Seattle, Washington punk rockers Aiden are currently on the road headlining The Horror Nights Tour with  Eyes Set To Kill, Vampires Everywhere!, Get Scared, and Dr. Acula. But before this tour even got started Aiden has been around for nearly ten years having had WiL Francis playing bass way back then but then he took over as the lead vocalist for the band and has been since.  Nick Wiggins (bass) and Angel Ibarra (lead guitar) are also in the band while percussionist Ryan Seaman (Falling In Reverse) fills in while their out on the road. Over the course of their career Aiden has released five studio albums being signed with Victory Records as of 2005. WiL not only focus on Aiden's business but has been busy with his own solo project William Control which is finishing up its third full-length expected at the end of the summer. While Aiden who recently released their fifth studio release “Disguises” is also finishing up their sixth studio album expected in the fall. WiL goes into detail about what to expect from here on out.

1. You guys have been together for 8 years do you plan, to do anything when the 10 year mark hits?

WiL: I don’t know…I guess I haven’t really thought about that far ahead yet. It’s too far in the future so just trying to focus on today.

2. Your album "Disguises" takes a heavier direction, how heavy do you see Aiden to go?

WiL: hmmm not really much heavier than that we’re not a metal band we can’t play our instruments that good. Punk rockers are metalheads who suck at their instruments.

3. When was the last time you went to a show and went into a mosh pit and had a good old time?

WiL: hmmm probably when I saw Strike Anywhere a couple of years ago.

4. Can you tell me why your name "Wil" is spelled W-I-L?

WiL: I don’t know that’s the way people use to spell it. I don’t spell it that way but I don’t really give a shit anyway.

5. It’s been a year since, you released "Noir", have you written any new material for the next album?

WiL: Yes I am actually writing right now and it’s going fairly well, will likely see it at the end of the summer.

6. Have you ever considered bringing William Control and Aiden on a tour together?

WiL: No, it’s too much work and much too lazy for that.

7. How did you get involved with becoming a producer? You produced the second album for the band A Midnight Tragedy?

WiL: I have known those kids for quite some time and they asked me and I said yes simple as that.

8. You've written a poetry/picture book in 2009 titled "Flowers and Filth" and have a second book in the making can you tell me about that?

WiL: Yeah just another poetry book I have been working on just talking about a lot of shit.

 9. Both Aiden and William Control were featured on the Underworld soundtracks will you be on the next installment?

WiL: That’s what I’m working on right now.

10. Your currently on the Horror Nights tour with Vampires Everywhere!, whom you also did a guest appearance on their song "Bleeding Rain", have you been making appearances during their set to perform the song?

WiL: No they don’t play it live and their manager asked me to come in and do it when I was in town so we just made it work.

11. How is the tour going and why did you want to call it "The Horror Nights Tour"?

WiL: Good I can’t complain.

12. What does Aiden have planned following this tour?

WiL: We’re going to be finishing up our new record and touring in the fall with the Black Veil Brides.

13. Is there anything else you'd like to say to your fans?

WiL: Don’t start bands go to school and become lawyers that’s it just don’t fuck up.

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