Anime Expo’s 20 Years of Animation Domination

Celebrating 20 years the Anime Expo (AX) has been held in Los Angeles, California for the past several years being held at L.A.’s Convention Center. This past year it took place as it has done during the fourth of July weekend 47,000 attendees were present most dressed in cosplay style of course. While others in attendance just stood back and took some snap shots for their keeping needs.

The main hall were all of the booths were set up for merchants to sell various products from t-shirts to messenger bags, plush toys, colorful wigs, jewelry, clothing of all sorts and designs, comics, magnas, posters, DVDs, you name you likely saw it if not purchased it. Aside from those they were also some booths showcasing some of the best and some upcoming video game releases such as one free to play online entitled Rusty Hearts. A combat hack and slash that takes the gamer to unknown worlds with stunning graphics of anime based storytelling with an assortment of color and 2-D focus.

Among the booths of merchandise fans were roaming the aisles dressed up as characters from such anime or cartoon franchises as Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z, Adventure Time, Hello Kitty, High School of the Dead, Chobits, Power Rangers, Invader Zim, Mario and Pokemon’s Pikachu character were amongst the most popular and had men and woman showing off their creative sides with designing their outfits. In between outfit making and booth testing several rooms outside the main hall held panels and even a full arcade that had some of the most entertaining games a gamer could ever imagine. While of course some gamers sat out in the hallway with their personal PCs and played to their own fun and excitement.

Aside from this there were also rooms that held movie screenings from Final Fantasy to most recent addition to the anime scene High School of the Dead that deals with the bloody goodness of zombie killing’s and living to the bitter end as the world crumbles to dust.

In only its 20th year surely this convention will continue to strive for many more years to come!

Photo Credit: Natalie Perez and Raymond Sanchez

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