Children Of Bodom’s Janne Warman Does Not Fear the Reaper and Neither Should You

Finnish metallers Children Of Bodom made their last U.S. appearances with Black Label Society as supporters in the "Black Label Berzerkus" tour in 2010. Now that it's a new tour and a New Year and the summer is sizzling up Children Of Bodom have embarked and returned to the U.S. yet again with the Ugly World Tour spanning from March to July invading Los Angeles first hand on its U.S. trek. Janne Viljami Wirman or "Janne Warman" as he liked to be called; sat down with me on the first night of the North American run to discuss about the band's latest release "Relentless Reckless Forever", upcoming plans of touring in parts of the world that Children Of Bodom has yet to see right down to discussions of filming a brand new DVD to what bands and keyboardists he admires the most. So don't fear the reaper if you know what’s good for you.

1. How does it feel to be touring in the U.S. again?

Janne: Oh great it’s our first tour after the release of our new album so it’s good. It’s just the festival summer season is a little off but it’s good to be back.

2. Your seventh album Relentless, Reckless Forever, is out how does it feel to have had seven releases? Do you ever feel like "Wow"?

Janne: Yeah it’s crazy, when we started this band at 17-18 when our first album was released I had never dreamed of releasing seven albums. So it’s pretty weird really.

3. The car that was used on your tour in your DVD is that still around or did you trash it? Are you working on a follow-up DVD?

Janne: No we still have that, some guys wanted to trash or build it into a BBQ but I know we will need it at some point so we kept it. Yes we are filming a new DVD so that should be interesting.

4. Who are some of the keyboardists you look up too?

Janne: In general there a lot of people but in heavy metal there are some I look up too.

5. What about bands which do you think has inspired you the most?

Janne: Me personally uh I don’t know nowadays I listen to a lot of different music I mean I just can’t name just one band, I’m going to say something funny here ……. Journey.

6. Can you tell me about your keyboard set-up, you have it set-up completely different than your average keyboardist.

Janne: I can admit that when I was 18 and went to this concert I had seen this keyboardist set up his like that and it’s just so much more relaxing that way because the regular way you have to bend your wrist and by setting it up this way your arms are straight out and it’s more relaxing and feels better. I can play the fast pieces more easily. But I can totally admit that I copied it from him.

7. Do you remember the very first show Children of Bodom ever played and did you ever think that "man this is not going to happen"?

Janne: Yes and yes, I was driving my mom’s car to our first show.

8. Tell me about the Britney Spears cover did you ever get a reply from her about it?

Janne: No there were rumors that a personal reply came from her but I think it was probably the management or publicists but a response from her personally I don’t think so but it would be cool.

9. Where hasn't Children Of Bodom toured?

Janne: We just came back from Thailand and China so there are still countries we want to go, we’re thinking of going to Indian, African, there a lot of places we haven’t toured but we want too.

10. How about the Children Of Bodom mascot, has he made any appearances in any of your shows?

Janne: No at some shows we do pranks on some of the other bands who play with us, so sometimes there is a guy dressed up as the reaper but no official reaper appearance at any of our shows.

11. What about this year what else can we expect from you guys?

Janne: After this tour we have only a couple of summer festivals and then later on this year we’ll be touring in South America and Australia and other places we haven’t yet seen.

12. For those who haven't heard of Children Of Bodom, how would you describe the band and which one song would you suggest to new fans to listen to first?

Janne: I would describe the music as random Finnish melodic heavy metal music and I would say the first track off the new album “Not My Funeral” because that song and this album represents us and the direction we’re taking our music.

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