Get Scared - Best Kind Of Mess

As of 2008, Utah rockers Get Scared  went and self-produced/released their EP "Cheap Tricks and Theatrics" (2009) then that following year during the springtime and summer of 2010; they worked with producer and engineer John Feldmann who's worked with Atreyu, The Used, and Goldfinger to write and record their debut full-length “Best Kind Of Mess”. But in between the writing and recording process Get Scared decided to release another EP which was self-titled and included rerecorded versions of previous tracks "Setting Yourself Up for Sarcasm", and "If Only She Knew Voodoo Like I Do", but also included a brand new unreleased track titled “Deepest Cut”.

Now that years have gone by and the band has hit the road with such acts as Alesana, Escape The Fate, Black Veil Brides, and The Used their whereabouts have been discovered in little to no time at all making these rockers mere rockstars. As such, “Best Kind Of Mess” brings forth a variety of effort such as yet another rerecorded version of “If Only She Knew Voodoo Like I Do” being cut down to just “Voodoo” the intro features vocalist Nicolas Mathews "WHOA" adding "COME ON" before getting into focus of the entire song that really captures a more cleaner cut than its previous alternatives had to offer.

"Setting Yourself Up For Sarcasm", now goes by "Sarcasm", adds its own intro with a voiceover that says "And it is from this world of darkness which come the evil destructive focus of man" trailing off into the usual tune of upbeat energy with high pulsing guitar riffs that keeps the music flowing like no tomorrow. "You! Do you know that bad girls go to hell?" is yet another voiceover intro that comes off as being a mock-up of sexual foul play of the typical whore using "Whore" as the obvious title having the chorus sing "You’re a cheap little whore" being very catchy and ongoing.

"Hurt", "Drown", and “Wrong”, counter with one another by being the "ballad" markings of Get Scared's musical trait. These following the same path as The Used’s "Blue and Yellow" and "The Task of Ink" had done with that mellow soft rock. While “Moving”, and more aggressive hit “Hate” really pack it in with energy so impulsive it’s overwhelming.

Additional tracks not included on the album includes “Loneliness”, and previous released tune “Deepest Cut”, which are said to be included on this full-length release but perhaps are included on an extended release to become available at a later time. Overall Get Scared’s debut attempts at rockstar stardom are continually rising and will do so as far as I see it possible.

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