Toxic Holocaust - Conjure and Command

Three years ago "An Overdose of Death" (2008) was the third release by Portland, Oregon punk thrashers Toxic Holocaust. Now "Conjure and Command" the follow-up to that release has been unleashed upon the masses! This time around instead of frontman Joel Grind performing all of the instruments and vocals himself, he has taken a full band under his wing when he was recording and writing the new material in the studio.

 When it comes down to it, "Conjure and Command", tends to use all instruments not having any being neglected whatsoever. The drums gallop and are restless with lots of pulsing crushing textures that clash against Grind's vocals which are solid and smooth. The riffs on the other hand drive the individual direction for each of the song's giving this album its edge of affection.  Opener "Judgment Awaits You", really packs in that powerful punch that keeps the music fast and heavy whereas, “Bitch”, maintains the fastness but provides a mellower feel rather than straight forward fast racing melodies.

"Nowhere To Run", picks up where "Nuke the Cross", left off having the same sense of style and focus, the music is heavy yet aggressive from start to finish. “I Am Disease”, somewhat continues the mellowness that “Bitch”, focused upon and lets it drag if you will. In the long run of it all, “Conjure and Command”, is a wrap up of nothing but aggressiveness that shows Toxic Holocaust’s maturity towards harsh lyrics with brutal guitar strokes that keeps the music intense and truly focused like never before.

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