The Outfit - Self-Titled

The Outfit was made from numerous musicians from various places ranging from brothers Mark (drums) and Matt Nawara (guitar), and Mike Gorman (bass), along with Phoenix, Arizona's, Andy Mitchell (vocals/guitar). Together they would go on to write and record the completion of their debut self-titled album, a release filled with pure rock n' roll energies, appealing hooks with an aggressive twist. All in all, it becomes an album of sorts, that is really a lot like other rock n' roll releases by other acts in and around the rock scene. These acts ranging from Breaking Benjamin, Deftones, and even some essence of Papa Roach. A lot of classic acts with a very modern day approach to style of sound. That is how The Outfit brings out their style of sound and senses with music. This self-titled album having some solid tracks like "Lucky One" "Solider Boy", "Just As One", "No Lights On", and "Hot Love". These bringing forth that true blue rock n' roll vibe, with constant energy that it keeps the music ever flowing. It's as if the music keeps the adrenaline put into high gear, that it never stops, it picks up the pace more and more, as each of these tracks goes through. Not much else to say about this release, other than The Outfit, having a decent mannered album, that has spunk and a lot of kick to it.

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