Saint Tragedy - Prolonging The Agony

For an act to being around for 10 years, is saying something and it says a lot for one act called Saint Tragedy. These guys developing their sound through the years, playing for many audiences, since their forming 10 years ago. Now that some time has passed so has the band, moving on to develop said song, creating what is their latest release an EP titled "Prolonging The Agony". This EP being chalk full of hard rock aggression, that the alternative portions are just too much for the EP to withstand. In other words, tracks like "Ties the Bind", "Move On", and "Would I Lie", are the EP builders, while "Jumpin the Gun", takes the acoustic approach, having it be more mellow dramatic, yet still appealing with the vocalization being crisp yet intense throughout. The rest of the material like the other tracks noted, minus the acoustic number are pretty much, solid hitters, keeping the energy building, more progressive and aggressive together, that an overwhelming presents lingers, yet intensifies making the music worth wild and listenable. It's as if Saint Tragedy developed their style of sound so well, there is no stopping it. How they come together in this fashion works, because it makes the music more promising for its content. As it continues to build from the ground up, it raises further than they ever thought they would reach.

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