Alwaid - The Machine and the Beast

Alwaid is a female fronted melodic metal band from France, with inspirations taken from acts such as Candlemass, Epica, or even Therion to name a few. Since their inception not that long ago, they went on to release a self-titled EP in 2012, with the debut full-length effort "Lacus Somniorum" in 2014 with the sophomore follow-up full-length "The Machine and the Beast" this last year in 2017. Through the course of their musical creations, among others in-between such as compilations, Alwaid shows great promise and what could be an act that has great diversity and atmospheric environment with their musical craft.

That said, "The Machine and the Beast", is a type of release that has songs relating to how mankind struggles to free itself from its primal animality and gain control over the machine, which leads to the ultimate fall. In other words, the album has lots to take in, from what as just said, to other chaotic masses, logic, and decay matters that engulfs everything at will, creating a rather complex tale with so much more to tell, it is more of a journey than anything else. That just being the story of it all, the actual music is more embracive, takes the listener on a whole another whelm of wonder and cunning traces of mystery as well. It just packs in a lot of material both concept fitting and musically speaking to say the least. In terms of the music though, it is very comforting, having rather appealing beats, that draw you in, the vocalization being very driven with the music not that far behind, that the two together pretty much create an enchanting source of power and melody.

In short, "The Machine and the Beast", captures everything you could ever want from a melodic metal act such as this one. For instance a number of the tracks taken from this album such as "When Giants Wake", "The Lord of Cities", "Monsters by Gaslight", and "Idle Riddles and Rhymes", just builds around that harmony and melody so willingly, it is as if, the music is overpowering so much so that it even becomes overwhelming at times but just slightly. Not really sure of how else to depict the descriptions of the tunes portrayed here, but it is just so much happening within it all, it is loads of fun with a very entertaining result.

If you are into epic journey's of adventure, then by all means Alwaid's "The Machine and the Beast", is an album of sorts, that will capture all of this, and much more if possible. Surely an act to follow-up up on, every now and again at that if at all means possible.

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