Taiga - Cosmos

"Cosmos" a title such as this, may have you immediately thinking of the sky above, in the matters of space, stars, moon and sun. But that be not the case for Taiga's "Cosmos" album, for it is not of the outer space kind, but more of an inner space kind, this "inner cosmos", is a type of space of emotion, in terms of love, hate, anger, and dignity among other impulses of feeling and emotions, that we as individuals need to express. This is the type of conception that Taiga has put into the album they are calling which has been said as "Cosmos". The album as a whole, really lays out quite a listening experience. When listening in, you get this force of depth and frenzy that is very charming yet compelling. Like how all of the instrumental factors work into play, you get hit with lots of riffs of the guitar structure, drumming aspects, with the bass and vocals being atop all of this, swirling it together, to create something timeless yet catching. Somehow everything just works very much as if it is on a running course of endlessness. How else would "Cosmos", be without a depiction of that, for that is how our outer systems of the other places work, it is an endless open space, and that is how the working's of Taiga works their music.

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