Hak-ed damm - Holocaust Over Dresden

Hak-ed damm had given a glimpse into what to expect upon their new album "Holocaust Over Dresden", with the track "Blooming Grove". The track being quite the material in question, in terms of quality and styling of the metal genre. This case being black metal of course. But with this track, there came a fierce wave of quality, sounding intense yet fast paced throughout. Literally when listening in, there is no stopping, as if you would prefer it to continue, keeping the pace more available, that you find yourself bobbing your head non-stop. It's how the energy gives itself off really, it has a face paced momentum, that keeps that head banging texture alive and well. If not head banging then perhaps some fist pumping will do the trick, in any case though, "Blooming Grove", was one sure picking of tracks that keeps this release comforting yet enjoyable. Just as the other tracks like "MG-42", "Usine De Mort", "Marea Morte", and "Jade With The Deflowered Scalp". Each of which, preserve that same intensity as "Blooming Grove", had contained, except these are more rounded, keeping a solid pace, yet still very overwhelming. In other words, "Holocaust Over Dresden", is an album that just serves the black metal right, with Hak-ed damm showing another side to the genre, that is ever expanding.

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