The Father Of Serpents - Age Of Damnation

The Father Of Serpents a doom metal act with a gothic metal element thrown in for good measure, have released an album titled "Age Of Damnation". This album takes on the elemental genre choices mentioned prior, except enhances them, vocals provided here are very gothic driven, being understandable yet doomly lit. In terms of understanding, there are present with the essence of the English language so you can hear them clearly, as opposed to the screaming vocals, that come in sometime later on in the variety of tracks. Like the opening number of "The Walls Of No Salvation", "The Flesh Altar", "The Grave For Universe", and "Tainted Blood", are the handful of tracks chosen that make this album worth wild. Vocals and instrumentals being pretty much the same, but it makes the music so much more listenable. Like how the vocalization picks up in some moments of each song, really drawing in the instrumental portions more so, that makes the two tie together, creating an element of twisty division. In other words, the crafting of all of these creations, just makes the music work out really well. "Age Of Damnation" is an album that brings out a lot in just one release, with an act like The Father Of Serpents, they will do you no wrong, but make it all right, with just the first melody of their captive tunes.

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