Leah Capelle - Better Off

"Joshua" hit the scene during the summer of this year for Leah Capelle. It was a nice summer time hit of the season. As the seasons change so does the music in the case of Leah Capelle whose released a new track titled "Better Off" for the fall time, the season looks cool and bright! Why Leah prefers to release her music during the four season period is unknown but a nice change of pace for the seasonal periods that come and go every year.

In the case of "Better Off" which takes the acoustic direction, it becomes another one of those tracks dealing with love if not a relationship matter. Whatever the topic of disclosure at hand, the song's quality is soothing to the ears. While the video is comforting, as it showcases Leah Capelle in a calm setting, as she is in a recording studio, performing the track in question. Briefly moment of returning aspect, "Better Off" was written for friend and drummer Hayley Bownell, that is at its core, a piece about letting go. When you know something is unhealthy, or not bringing you joy no matter how much you wish it would. There is strength in being able to say that thing, be it a situation, a place, or a person, it cannot hold you back. This is a song about the strength even when strength is the last option. That is how Leah described the song, so it can go along the lines of love or a relationship somewhat.

As far as the quality again it is very calm and soothing to the ears in question. Acoustic music always has that effect, it just takes the basic instruments of the guitar and vocals mostly, sometimes the use of drums or other instruments thrown in, but most of the time it takes in just guitar and vocal chords. Both of which do their job on this song, sounding clear and crisp as a bell. While the guitar work is done just as well, having catching and mellow.

It is more like a mellow yet easy going type of track appeal. As it becomes one of those tracks you can relax and listen to no matter the season, day, year, month, or time. Just relaxing at that moment hearing the likes of Leah Capelle doing what she does best. Since she is quite talented and creative young person, she has got a lot going for her in this song, among other works of hers over the last few years or so.

Word about the song since its release, has gotten the attention of fans, saying such things as "Beautiful voice", "Great track", to "I fell in love with this song". So much heartfelt pain of emotions, flowing through all who take in the voice that is Leah Capelle. She has a voice that feels for those who need to hear what she has to say in terms of music and lyrical context. It is for her to get the word out about how she is feeling, so all can notice and relate to what is being spoken.


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