Piqued Jacks's - Aerial Roots

Piqued Jack's assortment of releases, has seen their latest "Aerial Roots" to be their sophomore effort, following up previous full-length "Climb Like Ivy Does" (2015). "Aerial Roots", captures the same passion and pride that its previous processor developed, and it's previous releases before it. "Aerial Roots", is a more in-depth release, capturing a more infused style, going full circle if you will, having various songs be more catching to the ear and eye. Like for instance "Reign of Clouds", opening up the album, is one that really relaxes your mind, taking you on a journey of force that transforms the music, into something else entirely. "Romantic Soldier" was one of the singles, turned videos, and it's a solid piece of work to say the least, it's just as eye catching and ear worthy as the opener. Plain and simple, it was a good choice, just as "Moooody", "Beehive", and "When Glances Meet", tend to be the next set of good choices, each of these crafts that passion and pride, mentioned before, bringing out a mature source of style that really lasts within Piqued Jack's abilities. All in all, "Aerial Roots" is one of those releases that ends up, as one that is worthy of another listen.

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