Moxy And The Influence - The Best Revenge

Having a style to define your age, age range between 13 and 21 is another thing, for rock n' rollers Moxy And The Influence or MIX for short, this all female act, has got their follow-up EP under wraps entitled "The Best Revenge". The follow-up EP to their previous debut EP release "Alive". This time around "The Best Revenge" is a mix of 4 songs instead of the previous 6-song EP, this one being more aggressive, progressive, and then some. In short, this release is pure rock n' roll feels, with minor screaming attics indicated here and there, throughout the release. Such songs as "Stomp You Down", and "Bella's Song", are two out of the four, that really stand out, while the other tracks offered, are just as good, but these here are just tops. They really showcase the band's skills and abilities as musicians, having the lyrics themselves being more meaningful and insightful, whereas the instrumentals are really easy going, having the music and lyrical context coming together to sound fully rounded, if that makes sense. All in all Moxy And The Influence's "The Best Revenge" is a release that will surly break the grounds, they walk upon, opening up bigger and greater things for them, for sure. Only just takes the time and practice and patience at that.

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