3D In Your Face - Lost In The Volume

3D In Your Face is back with what will be their fifth album to date, "Lost In The Volume" the follow-up release to 2013's "Midnight Devils". Two years later, the band is still going strong, releasing one single off the album as it were, "Static Renegade", which has shown to be quite the track to stand out for this release. Whereas the rest of the album does some standing out noted here and there with such tracks as "Sound Of Recklessness", "2 Miles Down", "Loud", and "Ringing In My Ear". Each of these, being their own thing, having that flare if you will, having the style be punk rock meets metal, being more upbeat and catchy. That's pretty much what this release ends up being, an album that's more upbeat, catchier, and easy going, having the melodies, lyrics, and then some just stand out, being there, where you could enjoy it, no matter the track number. 3D In Your Face's "Lost In The Volume" is a follow-up and fifth album that surely steps back, from what previous context they have done before, and stands out, sorry for repeating one's self, but it does, so, because it gives these guys the ability to improve and grow as musicians, in more ways than just the one.

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