Black Tears Record Label Brings Necrodeath and Cadaveria Together for New Release

BLACK TEARS Label. HOT News! 2016, May 4th. Necrodeath in studio… with CADAVERIA!

After about one year from their last releases, the “Headhunting” 7”EP for legendary thrash metal band Necrodeath, and “Silence” album for the kings of horror metal CADAVERIA, both bands have announced to be entered together in recording studio, for the release of an EP.

So the bands increase a pact already existing, by sharing two members, such as Flegias aka Marcelo Santos, vocalist for Necrodeath and drummer for CADAVERIA, and GL aka Peter Dayton, bass player for both bands.

This cooperation, created to release the EP, has been defined by Cadaveria herself as "a blood pact between two diabolic entities that will give life to a new irreligious and obscure soul".

Flegias also defined this collaboration between these legendary bands as "a pact between these entities, which has been haunting us for some time, and now the time has come to exorcise it, entering together in the same studio”.

This EP will be released for European country by Italian label BLACK TEARS, which says “to be proud to sign this deal with two great bands from worldwide metal scene, and very enthusiastic for the material recorded for the EP, which will be revealed very soon!”.

So stay tuned metalheads and follow label’s official Facebook page for upcoming news!

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