Dave Shadow - Me Myself And I

It's one of those things, that ends up happening at one point or another, the band members go about their own business, creating side projects, or even flying solo, hence that's what Dave Shadow of My Sixth Shadow has done, with his solo album "Me Myself And I". It's 11-tracks of Scandinavian rock mixed with metal that creates a similarity to that of Europe, The Rasmus and HIM, among others. "Me My And I" is what, was just said, it's mixture of rock and metal, that makes the music at hand, be very uplifting, edgy, and progressive. The lyrics and instrumentals work well with one another, they both like playing off one another, having the music have this never ending sensation. Such tracks as "Turn Me On", "Revenge Of A Black Heart", and "Queen Of Fools", are selections that embrace that uplifting, edgy, and progressive vibration going here, each one is very meaningful and touching if it were, having the music just be everlasting, and as said, never ending at that. Dave Shadow's solo efforts that is "Me Myself And I" is a release that is very eye catching and brings tunes to the listener that is very satisfying.

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