Crown Jwlz - California King

Crown Jwlz guess she doesn't have a thing for guys junk, to have to go and call herself Crown Jwlz, if you get the reference at all. In any case Crown Jwlz's debut EP "California King" offers a single and video for said single called "Without U", the single on its own isn't all that bad, but when you think of her as a solo artist rockstar, a lot of other similar acts come to mind, such as In This Moment while they aren't a solo act, similarities are slight, another act would have to be any other top contender on the music scene currently. Her music style is very similar trust me, besides that said single, the rest of this release features other notable tracks like "Party Past the Sunrise", "Make It Back", and "Cool", are all stand-out tracks, because each has its own personality if you will, drawing the listener in, to enjoy the music, curious to find out more about the artists in question. While the tracks do indeed stand out, this EP release that is "California King" is a piece of work, that is good but not great. Crown Jwlz has got the style, the look, and the feel of a rockstar, while her music is just fairly good, perhaps on future material, her work can be labeled as great!

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