Die Trying - Blues for the Cursed

Being a band for a mere 3 years time, isn't much but for the guys in Die Trying, they have already released not one but two EP released, their "Self-Titled" (2014) release and follow-up EP "Blues for Cursed" (2016). This follow-up release consists of 6-tracks all blending together such genres as black metal, hardcore, screamo, with some inspirational heavy duty riffs, melodies, and tons of vocal lines, all blended well together, in short asking, will it blend? It does, and it does it well. Such tracks include "Day Of Anger", "Disembodied", and "Replace the Deadman", all of which, include said genres, allowing the vocals and instrumentals to go hand in hand with one another, that the music is simply put, straight out noise. Its 6-tracks of noise, from beginning to end, thats what you get with Die Trying's EP "Blues for the Cursed". A rowdy but rough good time with great music appeal, that keeps it entertaining, highly in fact.

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