Evig Natt - Self-Titled

Norway's Evig Natt has released what will be their third full-length album, going the direction of the "Self-Titled" approach, having this release be as they describe as "aggressive but subtle, noisy yet beautiful, a maelstrom of symphonic darkness" which in short references; what previous bands they were a part of, ranging from Enslaved to Einherjer and Thundra. When hearing their tunes, and those acts, that's what you get with Evig Natt and their "Self-Titled" release. Like take opening track "The Unkindness Of Ravens" is a brief intro if you will, having the so called raven birds sounding off in the background, as the track subsides into its follow-up "How I Bleed", this one being more aggressive yet beautiful at times, creating a sensational sense of tunes, that carries the music all the way through. Like other tracks such as "Silence Falls", "Wildfire". and "Bringer of Ice", these are more in-depth with one another, having the music take a drift from the aggressive aspects, having a more mellow dramatic approach, which makes the music more settle. Evig Natt's "Self-Titled" efforts is a third round of material, that's easily catching and will never be forgotten, it's one of those releases that you can listen to again and again and not be bored of it.

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