Pierce The Veil - Misadventures

California residents Piece The Veil have made a name for themselves, since releasing their third full-length album "Collide with the Sky" (2012), to prior releases "A Flair for the Dramatic" (2007) and sophomore full-length "Selfish Machines" (2010). Since their third full-length dropped four years ago, the band has been hoping across the globe, playing shows left and right, touring non-stop, only having time to write martial whilst on the road in 2013, the band pressed onward to end up with what will be their fourth album entitled  "Misadventures".

An 11-track release, 13 if you get the deluxe edition, but the standard edition comes with the 11-tracks, consisting of such already released singles as "The Divine Zero", "Texas Is Forever", and "Circles", all of which are quite catchy and enjoyable on their own, while the rest of the album, pretty much ends up being just like the previous releases in their discography. Sounding just like they have always sounded, since the beginning, and that says a lot, having been a band for 10 years now, "Misadventures" has other notable tracks such "Dive In", opening the album, is very promising, having the instrumentals and vocal chords, work well together, as each play off one another really well. The music is edgy and fast paced, while the vocal chords, creep in a scream or two, that creates the music more in-depth and adrenaline pulsing.

"Floral and Fading", "Phantom Power and Ludicrous Speed", as well as "Today I Saw the Whole World", are other notable tracks, that keeps the pulsing adrenaline going, full force, having the album round off to being just like the rest of their material, but that's a good thing, these guys have a style, that they have adapted into, and this material is more matured and fresher, if you will, making the music for a newer generation, the next generation, for listeners of the pop punk rock hardcore genre. Lyrical context side of things, the lyrics are very meaningful, as each song has its own accompanier, you can relate to the content, whether it'd be the lyrical or musical side, it's a side you can accept either way you look at it.

Piece The Veil's "Misadventures" as a whole, is what you would expect from these guys, if you have been with them since the very start, up until now, or you are a new comer, these guys shall not disappoint, plain and simple. Take on a musical journey, go on some "Misadventures" with Pierce The Veil.

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