Death Of An Era - Black Bagged

Death Of An Era's debut album "Black Bagged" brings forth their classic style except it's enhanced sounding more ground breaking, aggressive, impulsive, just all of the intensity terms that can pop into your head will fit upon this release. Death Of An Era have only released some EPs to grasped upon their name, building something for themselves, and while all of that has paid off, with songs like "We The People", "Big Brother", "The Global Movement", and "Prescription Poison", everything that was there before is again enhanced having more guitar riffs, solos, drum beats, bass lines, and of course the vocal chords, that all work together with ease. Building the music upwards sounding more intense with each captivating lyric and musical piece. These guys bring to mind a lot of Crown The Empire meets Capture the Crown both of these acts collide with one another while leaving behind those remains that sound a lot like Death Of An Era's work. "Black Bagged" has intensity written all over it and brings forth an act that will express and expose themselves for all their worth, taking their music to the next level of successful because that is what this release is it's succeeded that sucess.

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