Sworn Enemy and Silence the Messenger Bring Out the Energetic Motivation

Hardcore punk one of the underestimated types of punk that is raw, energetic, focused, and heavy duty, it comes in a variety of styles from numerous acts similar to one act entitled Sworn Enemy. Sworn Enemy's style is indeed heavy duty raw in your face material with other acts falling alongside them i.e. Hatebreed, Terror, and First Blood. They all have similar styles within the hardcore genre.

Sworn Enemy though creates the hardcore style in their own pace and matter tonight they took over the valley out in Los Angeles in Van Nuys at the White Oak Music and Arts a fairly new venue and place for inspiring musicians with its variety of lessons available.  The venue itself is small in size but that's what captures the essence of a band's performance and what Sworn Enemy did for this place. The whole act kept running back and forth on the stage, banging their heads to the beats, and singing to the audience witnessing their presents, bringing it altogether to make a performance that really stood out and kept the audience in awe. The audience was in awe as everyone was also running around the room, pushing and shoving one another back and forth to jumping up and down to even jumping off the stage into each other's arms. Both sides were great with the energy being pushed towards one another.

Sworn Enemy:

Sworn Enemy is another hardcore band to follow and toss similar traits towards but they do it the way they know how and it keeps that energy and momentum up! The other act performing was one more towards the metalcore/screamo genre known only as Silence the Messenger with their singer and the rest of the group jumping like jumping beans up and down and even left and right, their instrumental and vocal focus being upon themselves and the crowd getting everyone bobbing their heads to their grooves. They too brought that energy and kept the movement and motivation flowing throughout their performance really bringing the essence of their stellar music.

Silence The Messenger:

All and all this venue is another one of those hole in the wall types that will grow in due time and the band's who played brought upon that drive that kept the audience on their feet the whole night's worth.

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