The Relapse Symphony - Shadows

The Relapse Symphony was an act that got a ton of buzz with their debut EP "Time Running Out" released just two years ago, everyone was in the heat of the moment for these guys. A short while later their debut video for "Panic (Time Running Out)" came forth and the buzz continued onward. The band went on to tour and play shows until further notice and word of mouth came around for their debut full-length "Shadows".

This 11-track release captures the same momentum as the EP had done except enhances it, taking what we heard before and allowing these musicians to mature and create further. A re-release of "Make Your Move", can be found which is somewhat the same with little to no changes, while other stand out songs include lead single "We Are The Broken", sounding awfully like Black Veil Brides' song "Fallen Angels" with slightly similar lyrics and tone to it. Other noted songs "Savage Eyes", "Angels Take Us Demons Save Us", and "Forever Slowly", the track "Forever Slowly" being the balled of the tracklisting, capturing true emotion with its passionate vocals, modern tempo with that easy going rock rhythm and lyrics that truly get you, bring it around to being a well rounded song. While the others release a heavier rhythm that wraps it all up.

The Relapse Symphony's debut release "Shadows" is a well rounded matured effort but their debut EP release seems to have a more powerful impact, whereas "Shadows" may creep out from the shadows piece by piece.

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