In Flame's Daniel Gives Us a Charming Discussion

Twenty five years almost added to their name sake, In Flames keeps moving forward going onto their eleventh album entitled "Sirens Charm", touring to follow suit with no plans on stopping in regards to touring and making music to further their musical careers. Drummer Daniel Svensson discusses that eleventh album, touring plans, and some back story on the fiery flames that can only be called In Flames.

1. First of all, who are you, and what do you do in the band?

Daniel: My name is Daniel Svensson and I am the drummer for In Flames.

2. What do you think has changed most about In Flames since 1990?

Daniel: Everything has changed. It the beginning we were just a small band just starting out like any other band, now it's a big machinery we play shows all over the world. I think it's still the same things that keeps us going and it's the love for the music and playing together is the same but everything else has changed. It's very different nowadays than back in 1990.

3. Can you tell me the story as to how and why the band wanted to be called In Flames?

Daniel: That I don't know and I don't think anyone else in the band knows because the guy that came up with the name is no longer in the band. It doesn't really have a particular meaning to it, it just sounded cool.

4. A lot of bands have seen the misfortune of line-up changes but you guys have foresee this, what has been the secret to longevity for the band?

Daniel: We did have a lot of line-up changes in the beginning but it wasn't until I joined in 1998 that our line-up has been a stable one. But before that a lot of members were coming in and out of the band and just all over the place. But as of 1998 only 1 member has left which was Jesper Strömblad who was replaced by Niclas Engelin who was in the band originally then he came back in it's a bit complicated to explain. But since 1998 the line-up has been stable since, because we know each other and have been doing this for so long that we know how to treat each other good or bad. We have a deep respect for one another when out on the road or in the studio, everyone has their own saying and feelings that are needed that no one is ever left out.

5. Why do you think Anders Friden made the decision to chop the locks, what was this change of pace put into place? Will we see the revival of the locks?

Daniel: He just felt like it, it's not a big deal.  Some people think the music is within the hair but it's within the fingers and vocals not what's on top of the head.

6. Over the span of your music career as far as releases, you have yet to release something that has been Self-Titled, will you guys ever take this direction and do so?

Daniel: We never talked about it. I don't know it's nothing we've never  thought about it either. We don't have any plans for it. Usually our albums have titles from different songs but you never know a Self-Titled release could happen we will see.

7. Do you think we will ever see an all acoustic release from you guys?

Daniel: It's not impossible we like doing different stuff and don't like repeating ourselves so it might work. But we're an aggressive band so our songs sound best the way we originally play them but acoustically but you never know. It's not something we've never talked about either, we're into different things so we'll see.

8. You've run your course of labels so why not take the DIY approach to getting your music out there? How has the relationship and transition between labels been?

Daniel: We've talked about it several times. But that means a lot of hard work and we wanted to concentrate on playing music and touring as much as possible. I don't know if we're ready to do it ourselves yet. It feels safe to do it with a label, doing it the old fashioned way. A lot of bands are doing the DIY thing nowadays and we've been discussing it back and forth several times but you never know we'll see.

9. You have eleven albums to your name, do you think it's safe to say, that you've come a long way and accomplished so much?

Daniel: Yeah if someone had told me when I had joined this band in 1998, that I would still be doing this by 2014, I wouldn't believe it. We're really grateful for what we've achieved and it's gone beyond our expectations. We can still do this and gain new fans writing songs that we enjoy, having a lot of fans being loyal while still enjoying the music even to the new fans and kids. If the band were to breakup today, I would be so happy with what the band has achieved so far.

10. It's been three years since the release of "Sounds of a Playground Fading". Why such a long time period between albums?

Daniel: First off, the touring cycle was a little bit longer than previous tours. After the tour we had felt we needed a few more months to take off. Usually right after a tour we'd jump right back into the studio, but felt we needed to recharge our batteries this time needing a little bit more time.

11. Would you say that there's a story or concept to be said about this album or its title?

Daniel: I don't know much about it lyrically. I think it's about addiction and temptations that are out there. That's what the title means at least. Otherwise I don't know much about the lyrics, Anders wrote all of the lyrics while we were recording, he didn't have any lyrics before the recording, he wrote them on sight inspired by Berlin and by watching documentaries about drug abuse and addiction.

12. How does the album art relate to the music on the album?

Daniel: I don't know. I think it relates more to the lyrics than the music. It's more of a stronger link between the artwork and the lyrics, than it is in between the music and the artwork, that's my feeling at least.

13. Can you give us a bit of a summary behind the tracks on "Siren Charms"?

Daniel: That's tough, We wanted to write an interesting album that had a lot of diverse songs. We have a few fast and heavy songs and even a song that's almost a ballad. It's hard to explain all of the songs, but we tried to make an interesting album that allowed all of our songs to work together as a setlist would. We did have more songs that were recorded but left those out because they didn't flow together with these selected. But I think this is the most interesting album, because it has more of everything, it's a more matured album in a good way.

14. Do you think there is an element of the band’s sound that you would like to push out further on the next release? With so much going on in your sound, obviously there are elements that might get further explored?

Daniel: It's hard to talk about the next release this one is still fresh to us. We haven't played the songs live yet so before we discuss any new songs we have to play these new songs a few times to see how they work and see where we should continue on the next album. By the end of the day, we write songs with how they sound live because we're a live band. I know a lot of bands write while on tour and we tried that but it's hard for us to do that, we want to start thinking of new songs while we're in the middle of the current song's finishing up that chapter before starting the new chapter. It's hard for me to talk about the next release but we'll see.

15. Are any of you currently involved with any other bands or projects outside In Flames?

Daniel: It's only Niclas Engelin whose involved in 2 other bands one is called Engel and the other one is called Drömriket. He's very creative and needs to write music to put out on different channels. He is the only one to put out music on the side that I know. Not sure if anyone else has any secret bands they're working on.

16. As you may or may not be aware several of your releases have hit certain mile stones, your debut "Lunar Strain" is at 20 years, "Colony" at 15 and "Soundtrack to Your Escape" at 10. Will any of these or any other release be considered of being played in its entirety?

Daniel: We did it once with "Soundtrack to Your Escape" where we did 2 shows one in Sweden and one in Los Angeles, California playing it from the first track to the last track, then playing another set afterwards of all the old classics. So we did do it once before, not sure if we will be doing it on a tour but perhaps a special show we will do it again.

17. What does the band have planned for the rest of the year aside from "Siren Charms"?

Daniel: We have the release then right after we'll be going on tour in Europe that will go into November then hopefully have another tour before Christmas, somewhere maybe North America if not the latest touring there early next year. But we will tour as much as possible all over the world.

18. Where hasn't In Flames been as far as touring and playing shows? Do you think there's been a band that has been to all parts of the world?

Daniel: We've played everywhere you name it. But there have been continents and countries that we have not played. But we'll grateful that we have such a large fan base that we will play everywhere eventually.

19. You guys have been together for going on almost 25 years, how do you react when hearing such a thing.

Daniel: First off, it makes me feel old. As I said before, I am just grateful that people still enjoy what we do and that the fans are still around because it's all due to them. It still works for us and we're able and allowed to write music that we enjoy writing and playing and so do the people that still enjoy it. We're really happy for that.

20. Anything else you'd like to say or want to add to the fans?

Daniel: Not really, we're looking forward to getting back on the road and touring, meeting all of the new and old fans so see you on the road!

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