Starset - Transmissions

Literal rockstars Starset have written and recorded and signed on to Razor and Tie to unleash their debut album "Transmissions". An album that takes you on a journey to the stars and galaxies far, far, away, perhaps even further than that even. The album itself is a concept release that is built around love songs written about the fascination of astronomy and the Universe surrounding it. The songs and lyrics are crafted with poetic trance, that really captures the music as a whole. The instrumentals capturing the essence with their melodic flow, guitar riffs, drum tactics, bass lines and vocal chords working like a speed of light with crushing screams coming in between them, really makes the music that more eye opening that it pops! Starset's style and sound is impressive and unique as other bands have been described, but it's the way that Starset decrypts themselves. They have built a style of sound, that they know works well for them, that it's so mesmerizing to hear, it's hard to place them, making them that more crafty at what they do.

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