Bleed The Dream Establishes that Things Change and Happen but Keeping Dreaming to Keep on Living

Reuniting after experience just dreadful highs and lows in their musical career, including a hiatus that lasted eight long years, all original members of Bleed The Dream, vocalist Brandon Thomas, guitarist Dave Aguilera, and bassist/vocalist Keith Thompson are back together! But wait what about their drummer, tragedy struck  drummer Scott Gottlieb who passed away from cancer back in April of 2005. But he has always remained in spirit and the main motivation of this reunion. After word of the reunion was mentioned the band had said,

“We have a really special surprise for fans. We are going to record a new album in tribute to Scott and have a special replacement planned to take his seat. We tried our best to find someone who played similar to Scott, as well as someone that’s playing was what Scott would have enjoyed.

“It’s been 9 years since we have all walked into a recording studio together to work on a new record. This album will be the darkest, most passionate, and heaviest to date, with a fall release and tours to follow.”

Thus with that said, the band all got together to discuss their reconcile and the plans in regards to the new album, new tour, and just getting back together keeping things as they were except fresh and anew!

1. Can you tell me the reason as to why this band wanted to be called Bleed The Dream? How does one bleed the dream when dreaming anyway?

Brandon: I wanted to call it bleeding the dream. Keith and Dave were on the fence but Scott brought it all together when he said why not just BLEED... the dream? The meaning is what it sounds like... we all have dreams, the 4 of us just happened to dream the same dream. We all in our own ways had decided that this was the only path for us so... we bleed the dream. a good friend of ours, Andy, the singer for Matchbook Romance said to me once on tour he liked to think of our name as a character. I was confused at first but after he said it stuck. So now I see it like that... bleed is a person that represents everything the 4 of us are. He is a dream, Bleed, the dream. this band has a fortunate way of first naming itself really... as well as albums and songs titles ... I don't fight it. I just go with whats right there.

2. Why did the band go on a 8 year hiatus in the first place? Why do you think that is, band's going on hiatus, disbandment, break-ups, what do you think the "main cause" of this occurrence may be?

Keith: At the end of Bleed the Dream we were all a mess. We had lost our way. I fell out of love with performing and the hustle that is required to have a working act that actually is productive and can support you mentally and financially. The band that we gave our lives too and dedicated our live too had completely lost its identity. I know I felt that way personally. I think the day we lost Scott it began to come unglued, slowly but surely we became more reckless and uncaring towards each other and ourselves. We are lucky to have lived through it, to be honest. I remember having that conversation with Dave and it was just evident that our fire was out.

3. Why did you want the original line-up to get back together, was it everyone's choice or did one of you decide then inform the rest and an agreement was decided?

Brandon: I think I speak for all of us when I say... it wasn't going to happen unless we were all on board at the right time for the right reasons and in the right mindsets.

4. Your main motive to reunite was due to the passing of late drummer Scott Gottlieb, why did you want this reunion in a tribute to him? Do you think this is the right way to go?

Dave: Everything we have done since his passing has been a tribute to Scott, not sure really why it seems like the right time now as opposed to a few years ago it just does.

5. Scott Gottlieb passed due to cancer, so you've decided on donating a percentage of the profits towards cancer based organizations, why did you see this outlet to be the piece of the puzzle in wanting to help out those types of organizations?

Brandon: It just feels right. It was a no brainer.

Dave: I think a lot of people get caught up in their own personal lives and business and forget about whats going on around them. I’d love to be a part of a movement that cares about their neighbor as much as themselves (don't you think the world would be such a better place if we all did this?).

6. Can you reveal or drop any hints as to who will be replacing Scott as the drummer?

Keith: Our eye is on a great friend that we have played with before. If the scheduling works out it would be pretty crazy but, in consideration for all parties we can't say who that person may be at this time sorry.

Brandon: Dark Lord Status.

7. You were signed with Maphia Records then went with Warcon Records, what record label are you signed with as of right now or do you plan to take the DIY approach to everything?

Dave: Will figure that out when we get to that point but I own my own record label so most likely we will put it out on that.

8. In 2008 on MySpace you mentioned of new material returning to your roots to the "Built By Blood" release style - does this still stand as far as the new album is concerned?

Keith: There will be some "Built by Blood" vibe in there for sure. It is kind of who we are. Especially the more collaborative tracks. We are different people now though. We have lived and lost and I think it will be passionate and dynamic.

Dave: Yes it will have the vibe of "Built By Blood" but will be more cohesive and not all over the place like that album was. As a label owner and band manager I now understand how important it is for an album
to sound like an “album” not 3 different bands ha.

9. What would you say the writing and recording process is like for you?

Keith: It has always been different. The more collaborative (musically) tunes such as: Confessions, Who's Killing Who, Emotion Regression, Black Skies (and more) I feel like are our signature sound. The more straight ahead rock/pop tunes are just that. I think we all have a ton of ideas but I think we are going to write this entire record together. In the same room like we did will all of the best (in my opinion) songs in the catalog. The last full length we did Dave, Tom and myself all gave each other space to create and trusted in that. That approach worked great. I think it will for us as well.

Brandon: Yes, we all know how to write on our own and have done that on many BTD songs but the real songs the “signature sound” songs were all written with us all in the room together. This albums songs will all be written like that (in room together). I personally refuse to write any songs without those guys and I am just writing tons of ideas to show the guys when we all get in that room together this summer.

10. Where are you in the process of the new album?

Keith: I know Dave is falling back in love with his guitar which is great! He has a bunch of parts and melodies written, I'm sure. All I need is a bad ass drummer in front of my face and it is on. It will be nice to play bass again! We are in the beginning stages with plans of a  two week session (day and night) that will be the bulk of the writing for new record.

11. Who will be producing this album?

Dave: YOU WISH WE WOULD SAY WOULDN'T YOU!!!! Hahahaha you’re just going to have to wait and see LOL!

12. Do you know how many songs will be on it?

Dave: 10-12 songs.

13. Have you chosen a title and will there be a story or concept to go with it?

Brandon: I have a title that I like, it does go right along with the other EP's as far as fitting the vibe and just kind of naming itself on it's own. We haven't fully gotten to that point yet.

14. Where are you planning to record this album?

Dave: In sunny California where we have done all of our releases.

15. Do you plan to use any new instrumentation you've never used in the recording process before?

Keith: I would be completely open to the usage of instruments that we haven't used previously. Who knows can create infinite textures with bass and guitar effects. I guess we shall see?

Dave: We use so many guitar and bass affects as well as there's normally so many guitar tracks doing different melodies and riffs, it doesn't leave much room, but I do have a few keyboard and EBO ideas up my sleeve.

16. When did you start writing for this album? How has the songwriting process differed or compared to previous Bleed The Dream releases?

Dave: Feb of 2014 but its just all ideas as of now, the big difference is that Keith is on the east coast so we can't put the songs together till later in this year.

17. Do you feel a pressure is on to do this follow-up?

Brandon: Personally I feel an enormous amount of pressure. I've been chasing this band, life, identity and opportunity to set things right for a long time. It's a good pressure though. Like when we started. It just has to get done. I'm just thankful its happening and that we've all grown back into the idea of being that band again.

Dave: If you asked me that 2 years ago I would have said  it 100%. I am an all or nothing type person and I just lost my creative juices. Then one day back in January 2014,  I picked up my guitar blew the dust off it and it was on. I kept writing one song after the next (like the old days).

18. How do you think the vibe in the studio will go?

Keith:  I think it is gonna be awesome. We are family. We have always have been a family even our worst moments. Brothers fight then they make up (usually). I always love getting in the studio and recording. It is like a safe haven for me or something.

Dave: Haha I love Keith's answer LOL Um it will be lots of friendly arguing to get each others ways! All great records are a nightmare in the studio LOL.

19. Are there going to be any collaborations or surprises on the album?

Dave: Who knows maybe have a female sing on it?

20. When can we expect the new album to be released?

Dave: Fall 2014.

21. A lot of bands have played releases in their entirety, would you guys consider doing the same?

Keith: Playing "Built by Blood" would be such a roller coaster of emotions and extremely challenging! I’m game.

Dave: No hahhaha.

22. Do you have any unreleased materials from your previous releases or do you plan to re-record or re-release any of your previous releases?

Keith: There are a few acoustic versions of some old tunes that will surface along with a new acoustic one or possibly two. Some of our biggest fans have always supported our acoustic side. Our EP "Asleep" is talked about regularly on our social media pages.

23. How can we find out more about your band and where can we listen to your stuff?

Brandon: On our Facebook page at

24. What are your plans in regards to touring and playing shows and plans for the rest of this year?

Brandon: The new album and a U.S.A. tour this fall 2014.

25. Anything else you'd like to say to the fans out there?

Brandon: I would like to say the same thing I have said since day one. Never give up. No matter what. Things change. Things happen. You can't control everything. But you can choose to keep getting up. You can choose to keep dreaming. and you can choose to live life like its a gift, and not a given. Also... THANK YOU!!!!

Keith: I'm excited! Get stoked!

Dave: Keep on truckin!

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