Angelspit Announces Video Competition

Got a head full of crazy ideas and a lens focused on psychological, creepy, freak-out with a twist of horrifying? Then it’s time to SHARE YOUR NIGHTMARE WITH THE MASSES! To coincide with its live soundtrack for the silent classic Nosferatu this August, Angelspit announces the most PSYCHOTIC music video competition on the web! Using a track from Angelspit’s new album THE PRODUCT, we challenge video artists to create a music clip to thrill and corrupt the masses!


The winners will be a part of Angelspit’s new video compilation.

This compilation will be sent out to magazines, DJs, clubs, video pod casts and vlogs on Angelspit’s massive promotional network.

Winners will also receive webstore prize give-aways.

This compilation will be viewed for free to everyone on Angelspit’s Youtube and Vimeo.

All winners will be pimped and credited on Angelspit’s social media - we’ll PIMP YER ASS HARD!
There is a chance Angelspit will work with you on official releases in the future (Three finalists from our previous video competition have been hired to work on Angelspit video projects).


Create something INSANE based on the concept of Angelspit’s new album, “The Product”. Watch the infomercial for details. Use public domain stock footage. You don’t need to be bogged down in building sets - use found footage to tell your crazed story.

You can extend the track length or add intros and outro to your video to help tell your story.
EXPERIMENT! Use old video technology like VHS tape. Shoot footage off a TV or projection. Shoot through prisms....GO WILD!

The crazier and more innovative, the better. You are encouraged to use you own actors. As added incentive, Angelspit will be supplying additional lip-sync footage for some tracks (These will be provided for some of the heavier, faster tracks - more on this later).

“Angelspit was so impressed with the quality from our previous video competition that we took The Liar (the winner) on a USA tour with us. We commissioned finalists Keith Jenson to do ‘Pretty Dead Boys’ and Chris Davis to do ‘Ambassador’ from our new album ‘THE PRODUCT’. These competitions are the coolest way to bring the amazing talent in Angelspit’s fan-base to light”- Zoog Von Rock, Angelspit.

Check Angelspit’s website for details on prizes, rules and regulations:

The contest deadline is Monday Sept 8th, 2014.

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