Angelspit - The Product

Coming across an act like Angelspit was one of those daily run ins while browsing the net. After giving their tunes and videos a listenable watch their style grew on me a tad. Since their debut EP back in 2007 "Nurse Grenade" was one of those releases that was more interesting than any other electronic/electro-industrial acts within that scene. Now years later their latest release "The Product"  has Zoog Von Rock working with various other artists including, George Bikos of MeteorEYES, Adam Newman of hard dance legends Lab4 , Miss Ballistic, Helalyn Flowers, Chant and Teknocracy amongst others. While regular participant Destroy X focused on other activities. Anyway you look at it though, this time around the material is more in-depth rather intense at times, having the guitar work like jiggered chainsaws with its beats, the synths and various other sounds all blended together, into this mayhem of chaos while all the contributors wrap it altogether. In short, "The Product" is a release that rather screams at you with its bouncy excessive beats.

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