Phantom CommuniquÈ's Brandon Talks of the Wolf and the Sheep

Bleed The Dream frontman Brandon Thomas had started another project a few years back he liked to call Phantom CommuniquÈ which released their debut release "The Wolf and the Sheep" went on to play shows and tour of course but all came to an end in the longrun.

How Phantom CommuniquÈ formed was during a personal breaking point for vocalist Brandon Thomas. Having just parted ways with the successful but tumultuous band Bleed The Dream, with whom he had toured the world and released two full-length CDs, Thomas was determined to flex his artistic muscles again, and quickly assembled the kind of ragtag misfits that would help bring his musical visions to fruition under the Phantom CommuniquÈ banner.

Teaming up with longtime friend, and former guitarist in Opiate For The Masses, Jim Kaufman, the new band was quickly welcomed into the fold of Kaufman's new label, American Voodoo Records. Gritty, emotionally stirring and vibrant with vitriol, Phantom CommuniquÈ possess a dynamic and undeniable spirit. With a respect for the rock of old and a knack for heavy hooks, the Los Angeles foursome perfectly captures that spirit in the studio.

1. How did the band pick the name Phantom CommuniquÈ?

Brandon: I love WW2 history and I'm a bit obsessed with that time period in general. A "Phantom Communique" was a term used for transmissions sent, heard, but not recorded or proven to exist. I liked how it sounded, ran with it. Its a bit of a hassle for people to say but I like things difficult.

2. How difficult was it to get inked to a record deal and how long did it take?

Brandon: This isn't my first deal so this time around I knew what to do and what not to do. But yes its still a very soul sucking and heart wrenching process.

3. Did you ever get to the point where you said it's never going to happen?

Brandon: Never.

4. Where are you guys from?

Brandon: My guitarist Lupo and I are from Baltimore. The rest of us are from So Cali but we are all Angelinos for sure.

5. What genre would you classify your music as?

Brandon: I would say our sound is "rock metal" pretty vague I know, but I understand that people need to put us somewhere. What sets us apart is the energy and mood we put in to what we do. We aren't re-inventing oxygen or anything, but we put drive, heart, fists, piss and vinegar in to everything we do. Even when I'm singing a melody that's easy on the ears, I'm still poking you in the chest with that sarcastic proverbial finger.

 6. Who are some of your influences?

Brandon: My first concert  was Faith No More opening for Guns&Roses and Metalica. I was 11 or 12 and it hit me in the soul like a sack of nickels to the face. Mike Patton, Axel Rose and James Hetfield became my forefathers. That day set in to motion a chain of events that put me rite in the path of this thing called rock n' roll. As my tastes varied and I got in to more punk, pop, experimental and far out shit I always stayed loyal to the rock and metal gods.

7. The band has a new album out called "The Wolf And The Sheep" What are you thoughts on the album?

Brandon: Heart, soul, slick production and crushing depth. That's what it says to me anyway.

8. What inspired your lyrics for this CD?

Brandon: They come from life, just like everyone else. I write what I know, I've had an interesting life thus far and its allowed me to write some cool stuff, but I feel my best is yet to come, life gets more interesting as it goes along. So will the music.

9. Do you have any personal favorites off the album?

Brandon: Yes,"The Secret", "The Wolf and the Sheep", and "Pulling Guard".

10. Do you have any plans for a video?

Brandon: We plan on doing one.

11. What about the band logo how did you come up with that design?

Brandon: I came up with the idea but an artist friend of our Travis Smith helped us with it.

12.  What was the best thing about 2009 for the band and what can we expect from Phantom CommuniquÈ in 2010.

Brandon: 2009 was a hard one, alot of prep work and just fine tuning with member changes and such. 2010 should be a huge year for us, we plan on working our asses off.

13. What has been your best fan experience and why?

Brandon: I wouldn't say there is just one. I love meeting new people every day and new fans of what we do. If I had to choose I would say its the soldiers. They write and tell us how they are fighting this war to a soundtrack and we are on in there ears all the time, out there in the desert, nothing to hang on to from home but a few pictures and a few mp3s. That's my fave.

14. Finally, what would you like to say to all of your fans?

Brandon: Stay tuned lots of world domination and the destruction of cute little teddy bears to come. 

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