The Dead Rabbitt's Shift their Way into the Valley's Sun

It had opened just this year and already the valley has a venue calling towards all the local acts within the SoCali area including The Shape Shiftour that invaded the White Oak Art and Music venue. It brought Nightmares, Myka Relocate, The Relapse Symphony and The Dead Rabbitts.

Only witnessing 3/6 acts who played this evening 2 of which were local acts while the rest were a part of this tour, Myka Relocate performed quite an interesting set, having two vocalists with its fellow band mates on guitar, bass, and drums picking up the slack. These guys were very energetic and excited to be playing for the audience they had in front of them and they sung their lyrics loud and proud while jumping up and down and all around they were an entertaining bunch indeed.

Myka Relocate:

Next up was the second to last act calling themselves The Relapse Symphony a rock n' roll heavy metal group of guys who truly enjoy what they do. While they have two releases under their belts their performance tactics were good but could have been sharpened up a bit. The vocals and instruments played were done greatly with such energy and ease the crowd really got moving to each of the beats while the remainder kept up the hype and the flow of the continued music. All and all, these guys put on a show that did them well enough, to expose the onlookers of what rock n roll music, will be sounding like for the next generations.

The Relapse Symphony:

Lastly The Dead Rabbitts fronted by Craig Mabbitt of Escape The Fate formerly of Blessthefall and The Word Alive, decided to continue what he wanted to do, in The Word Alive/Blessthefall/Escape The Fate and enhance it, thus an EP and debut full-length were developed and touring and shows projected. Tonight's show was no exception with this four piece pouring their blood, sweat, and tears into the adrenaline that kept kicking in and out, the instrumentals tight with the vocal chords even more tightened. The crowd got into it, banging their heads if not jumping about, pushing one another or dancing in place, these guys knew how to play game of music and it kept everyone at ease and highly entertained. Overall The Dead Rabbitts have got skill, talent, and energy that it's a time out to Escape The Fate, yet it brings the essence of them in some way, that you feel the motivation and desperation peeking out.

The Dead Rabbitts:

In the end it was a show that grabbed the attention of its crowd seekers allowing the musicians at hand to play their hearts out doing what they do best, exposing the music of today's youth, that keeps the energy and momentum in check.

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