Hit The Ground Running - A Long Summer In Ohio

Hit The Ground Running's "A Long Summer In Ohio" is the debut EP release by the pop punk act who as many others before them sounds just like the rest. These guys do provide that pop punk sound that resembles a lot like other acts like All Time Low, 5 Seconds Of Summer, and Boys Like Girls. A handful of the songs offered like "Everyone Knows Virgins Don't Go To State Colleges", "Falling Apart", and "Tattoo", give you pretty much an expectation of the style quality and sound sense with groovy guitar licks, bass structure, drum beats, and vocal chords that bring out the quality making it sound sensational. The lyrics are upbeat and rather catchy making you want to bob your head back and forth, if not wanting to jump up and down in your seat or around in place wherever you may be. All in all Hit The Ground Running 's EP is one of those releases that will keep you occupied at all times.

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