brokeNCYDE - The Best Of....

brokeNCYDE's "Best Of" collection takes 17 of their classic tunes and tosses them altogether with a bonus addition of a DVD that features 11 music videos. brokeNCYDE combines rap with hardcore blending a sound so unique it's hard not to want to crank up the tunes.

With this release you get a set of songs that the band has been most known for including a brand new tune that features a guest spot from Deuce called "Never Back Down". Other catchy upbeat tunes includes "Scene Girlz", "Shake!", "Whoa!", and "Freaxxx".  Each song consisting of a generic electronic hip-hop beat that has the vocals take use of auto tune feature making them more robotic than original.

brokeNCYDE's "Best Of" is for the fans who may not be aware of their existence and who may want to get into what they called their genre of as "Crunkcore".

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