The Relapse Symphony - Time's Running Out

Washington DC natives, The Relapse Symphony are one of a few who have gotten signed with Standby Records label mates Whispers Of Wonder are also on the bill and are butting heads musically with these guys. The five-song EP "Time's Running Out" has brought upon the world a fiery passion and intensity issuing a warning to all that these guys mean business far more than anybody else.

With that said their one hit wonder of a single "Make Your Move", is cranking the rock n' roll scene with its upbeat abilities with rip roaring guitar riffs and loud bearing bass lines with powerful vocal chords that really draws the listener in. "Forgotten" keeps that intensity and fiery passion lit maintaining the same momentum as "Make You Move" does but progresses it just a bit further. "Burning Bridges", deals with the drama that the band had to face with some friends who began to act differently towards them so it was a point in which the recording process took a whole another turn; this can be heard within the song because there is no risks and all chances are put on the table that really makes this one a keeper and "anthem" to this release.

The Relapse Symphony bring the likeliness to that of Farewell, My Love meets Whispers Of Wonder. Combining a melodic but punk rock style that's built upon a enforced yet confident edge that's ready to ignite across the globe!

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