Nuke The Fridge Convention Third Year Run at Frank & Sons!

If you've ever been to a warehouse district then perhaps you've strolled down the one located in Walnut, California or precisely the City Of Industry whereabouts.  In any case this location is home to a collective place of sorts called Frank & Son Collectible Show a spot under one roof that spans over 60,000 square feet of dealers of all sorts and sizes; selling various items from toys, posters, cards, and a whole lot more.

But this year it just so happened to be the third year in a row for this spot to host the convention known only as the Nuke the Fridge Con! This is the place to be where there's always a good turnout of guests, goodie bags, just an overall fun atmosphere experience without you ever having to spend a dime hence the free parking and free admission!

This time around the convention was home to a variety of guests from creator comic maniac Stan Lee to Star Wars buzz heads to other mention-able actors and actresses i.e. Tyler Mane of the Rob Zombie Halloween series, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory mini cast reunion to a few other spot ups that squeezed their way into all of the fun.

Aside from the meet and greets there were of course a variety of other festivities going on, tables set-up for folks of all ages to gather and play against one another in whatever card game you can think of, Magic the Gathering, Warcraft, Poke'mon, and Yu-Gi-Oh! While other hot spots featured booths set up to showcase a variety of other items from dolls, plush toys, posters of movies, anime, television, to even sport memorabilia to everything else in between from music to random people dressed up in costume attire to food set-ups for the break time crowd.

Comic Vendors
Mattel Monster High Dolls
Disney Villain Dolls
Me and Tyler Mane of Halloween Rob Zombie Edition
Darth Vader Mickey Mouse
Frank & Son's Collectible Show is the hot spot for this year and surly many more years to come for the annual convention known only as the Nuke The Fridge Convention!

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