Hoobastank - Fight Or Flight

Who could forget hard rockers like Hoobastank? They are of course well known for their one hit wonder "The Reason" which without doubt got me throughout my high school years and now 9 years later they have gone from being on their second release to their fifth called "Fight or Flight".

Having been almost a decade on Island Records, the band has gone independent with the help of distribution from EMI. They have also changed quite a bit since I've last heard of them way back when. They went with working with producer Gavin Brown instead of Howard Benson, Brown best known for his work with Three Days Grace so when it comes to this release you could get a glimpse into what to expect. "This Is Gona Hurt" does somewhat return to the era of "The Reason" release consisting of that same formula just a tad while the rest of the album of songs like "You Before Me", "The Fallen", "Can You Save Me?", "Sing What You Can't Say", are some of the most noticeable tunes that carry a tune and frontman vocalist Doug Robb his at the top of his game vocally. The rest of the guys, guitarist Dan Estrin, bassist Jesse Charland and drummer Chris Hesse perform admirably well. The instruments are heard doing a superb job throughout each of these tunes and then some.

When it comes down to it Hoobastank's latest isn't one of their greatest but it isn't half bad either. it's got a solid flow of tracks that keeps the music intact keeping the listener in tune to what's being played let alone said.

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